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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best natural night cream!

Hi everyone!  Reviva 10% glycolic acid cream is the best night cream by far for acne and as a bonus it exfoliates your skin so it works as an anti-aging cream too!  As always it is cruelty free :)  One of the many reasons I love this cream and will continue to use it is because its ingredients are so simple: Purified water, 10%glycolic acid polymer (extracts of sugar and rhubarb), extracts of pumpkin, peach, sage, comfrey, chamomile, witch hazel, vitamins A, D and E, safflower oil, sunflower oil
At first I will admit I was afraid of the oil!  But after some research I found out that safflower oil and sunflower oil do not clog pores and since this product contained glycolic acid, which for me seems to be the only ingredient that keeps acne at bay, and since it was so natural I figured I would commit to the idea and give it a try!  I am so glad I did because I love this cream.  It also has a nice citrus scent which I love.  However if you are not used to glycolic acid or have extra sensitive skin I would HIGHLY recommend trying their 5% night cream, its the same cream but only 5% glycolic acid instead of 10%.  You can always work your way up to 10% if you really want the full benefits of glycolic acid.  The 10% is pretty strong and will tingly your face but the tingly sensitive goes away after a few seconds.  Another benefit to this cream is if you have old acne marks or sun spots this will help since it exfoliates your skin.  Below are links to their website, it can also be purchased at Ulta and Amazon.
10% Reviva glyolic acid cream
5% Reviva glyolic acid cream

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