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Monday, April 22, 2013

This video explains in details how to measure for your bra size

It is also the best bra fitting video I have seen so far! Enjoy! Do not be surprised if you have been wearing the wrong bra size your whole life!

It is also better to do it yourself than to have a fitter, in my opinion. All you need is to know how to do it which you can learn from this video, and a mirror, and some privacy, like your bathroom since you will need to do it naked to get a proper fit! I have done it myself and I got the best fitting bras ever since I use this way to measure and I buy my bras online, then going to a Victoria's Secret who always give me the wrong band sizes. They always put me in a 32C which is always too big in the band for me and they do not carry anything smaller than 32 bands at their store,when in reality I am a 28DD/E or a 30D/DD depending on the brand of the bra. These sizes sound huge but they are not. Not all D cups are big specially in band sizes from 28-32. D and DD cups in small band sizes are small to medium. In fact, now bras come in sizes that range in 28A-56K! But there is this myth that all D cups are huge, and anything bigger than a DD is an abnormal size, well it is wrong information and you should disregard that! Also cups are sized relatively to bands sizes. 36A, 34B, 32C, 30D, 28DD are all the same exact cup size volume but the only thing that changes is the band size and how far apart the cups are, the bigger the band the farther apart the cups are, but same exact cup volume. Which explains why a 28D is a lot smaller than a 38D in the cups.


In this picture below is what D cups and DD cups really look like in small band sizes that range from 28-34 and that are properly fitted.  This picture is from the blog